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On the podcast, we have insightful conversations and tell great stories from highly successful people (all with their fair share of failures) that help top achievers like you navigate the complex sea of achieving your goals, "finding your passion," "figuring things out," learning from failure, and having a little fun along the way, too. :)  

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  • learn how to crush interviews from my friend who received acceptance letters from ALL eight medical schools that interviewed her.
  • learn how the Personal Statement is the most important piece of the application for international students, and some tricks to craft your best personal statement.
  • learn how my friend was able to get fully funded undergraduate and graduate scholarships in the USA and China.
  • Learn how "finding your passion" can be more of a journey than a destination, and what drives my personal success.

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“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”
— Thomas Jefferson

Their story. Your benefit.


At the Millennial Commute, we interview speakers with interesting success stories! Our speakers have discussed the following stories:

  • how a high school dropout got back on track and graduated from an Ivy League school
  • how one student went from gaining the "Freshman 15" to running over five marathons
  • what you need to do to get into Med School
  • what it takes to graduate a year early from college
  • ....AND MORE!