Career Coaching

You are a top performer. You always have been--which is why you are always looking to take your game to the next level. If certain aspects of your life aren't up to your complete satisfaction, let me know, and let's find a way to bring them up to a level that brings you fulfillment.

As a teaching assistant and resident advisor to hundreds of top Ivy League students at Cornell, and now as a consultant for some of the world's top students and professionals, I understand through experience that what gets measured gets managed. I also understand that geniuses and incredibly intelligent individuals do not always appreciate the full scope of their talents.

Based on cognitive science, psychology, and through experience (and the experience of others), I designed a numbers-based coaching program that puts you first by measuring and organizing all of the aspects of your life and career in which you'd like to see improvement and growth. As we work together, we will put together a plan, document our efforts for improvement, and benchmark your successes to make sure our time (and your money) is incredibly well spent.

You owe it to yourself to start making progress today in every aspect of your life, and I'd be thrilled to coach and help you.

Procrastination sucks--we've all been there. So reach out now and let's start taking your game to the next level.