College Admissions

You know about the ACT/SAT. You know your GPA. But the other parts of the application can be... confusing. Personal statements, supplements, letters of recommendation, and choosing a well-rounded list of schools can be more painful than pulling teeth--and we're all afraid of rejection.

You also don't know how to spend your summers, what to write about in an essay, or why Penn might admit you over another student.

Don't let the complexity of admissions prevent you from putting yourself in a position to get admitted. Admitted by the best schools you are capable of attending. Schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, and Stanford. Yes, their admission rates are incredibly low--below 5%, in some cases--but you might actually be more qualified than you realize. Especially if you put the time and effort into the intangibles of your application under the guidance of a seasoned expert.

You've got dozens of questions, and everyone does--my inbox is full, every day, with questions about the admissions process--so take action now and drop me a message.

Schedule a brief chat with me and let's discuss how we can craft your best possible application, starting with your Personal Statement.

According to college admissions experts, the Personal Statement is the biggest factor that differentiates a good application from a great application. I have worked with dozens of top students around the globe reviewing personal statements, supplements, and other parts of the application beyond grades and test scores. I can take the weight off your shoulders and help you with:

  • alumni interview and interview prep ( I volunteer as an alumni interviewer for Cornell)
  • Personal statement and supplement planning and drafting
  • creating a well-rounded list of schools
  • planning and preparing to get quality letters of recommendation
  • extracurricular planning, and especially applications for top summer programs
  • Common App navigation

Whether you are just beginning to think about colleges or about to click "submit" on the common app page, do yourself a huge favor and reach out to me NOW to make sure your application won't fall through the cracks. The mountain of applications flooding the doors of top schools grows bigger every year, so don't lose your chance to stand out from the field!