I specializes in career development and growth, staying current with new technologies, world events, and most importantly data-driven industry trends. My biggest passion is helping you make the most of your education and career!

My #1 goal is to help you build a Road Map that takes you from where you are today to the best future, defined in your terms. I'm looking for passionate, driven top performers who want to achieve at a higher level.



  • Resume/Interview Prep, Networking Coaching
  • Academic consulting (course scheduling, workload management, study habits)
  • Short and long-term strategic career planning
  • Lifestyle consulting (health/wellness, personal development, time management)
  • early career development, including analyzing personal strengths/weaknesses
  • Entrepreneurial oversight and idea vetting (you want to do WHAT?!)
  • Industry insight--where are the jobs, what's the pay, and who's hiring?



Consulting Packages will be tailored based on the individual's needs and goals.




  • Essay Drafting & Strategic Writing
  • Extracurricular Planning
  • College research & analytics
  • Where do YOU fit in?
  • Industry & Job Path analytics
  • salary & wage analytics
  • Risk analysis for financing your education



Ben regrets that due to time constraints, he can consult with no more than five Millennials per month in the Platinum package and no more than five Millennials per month in the Diamond package. If you are at all interested, please start a conversation now and send your resume to ben@MillennialCommute.com!

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