What's up guys, it's Ben Peters. After graduating from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration in 2015, I have built Millennial Commute into a chart-topping podcast and premium consulting business. I'm here to help you, so I'm counting on you to reach out so we can get started. I'm busy, but I always promise I'll get back within 24 hours, and I haven't broken that promise yet.

I have worked with students in the top private and public high schools in 12 countries including the US and Canada, and college students at top schools including Cornell, Columbia, Penn, Wisconsin Madison, and more. I have worked for business professionals at top companies like Boeing, Google, General Mills, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, 3M, and more.

My clients have won international competitions in subjects from Martial Arts to Debate, gotten promoted in Fortune 100 companies, and range from middle schoolers to corporate executives. When it comes to career success, age is just a number, and excuses don't hold up in my court, so scroll down and get started TODAY!