Episode 55 | Jen Randolph Reise | JD Navigator

Jen Randolph Reise is a securities and corporate governance attorney by training. She is in private practice at Briggs and Morgan, a large Minneapolis firm, and has worked in-house as SEC and compliance counsel at a public company.

She also teaches business law courses as an adjunct/affiliated professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law and has founded a tech-ed startup called JD Navigator to help lawyers, law students, and prospective law students chart their course: that is, to get the information they need to make the career decisions that are right for them. 

Join Jen and I for a great conversation on law school, careers in law, and career fulfillment!

Episode 54 | Robert Stucky: Engineering, Baseball, and Life

·         Robert's experience growing up in San Diego [1:50]

·         What Robert is up to now with his job [3:55]

·         What his experience was like playing baseball and having the opportunity to almost play at the little-league world series [5:46]

·         Other involvements in middle school and high school [8:06]

·         Leadership and volunteering experiences [10:05]

·         How the FCA and his faith helped Robert with his life journey [12:15]

·         Robert's college application list [17:41]

·         How he got involved at Baylor University [20:48]

·         Whether he knew he wanted to be a mechanical engineer; how his professional interest evolved over the last four year at Baylor [24:00]

·         Life after Baylor [27:45]

·         Moving into a tiny house [30:40]

Episode 53 | Fatty Sundays: a tale of two sisters -- National Pretzel Day


Now featured in the Cornell Store as well as all over the web, Fatty Sundays is a pretzel bakery brought to you by Lauren Borowick and her sister Ali. I am proud to release this episode on National Pretzel Day! These pretzels are amazing—believe me, I’ve tried almost all of their flavors. I originally intended to share, but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. I highly recommend you head over to their website and pick up several bags of toffee pretzel bites and variety samplers—they are even offering free shipping for National Pretzel Day!

Join Lauren, Ali, and me for a conversation on entrepreneurship, finding a business partner who complements your skill-set, and how these two sisters were able to make their business a success in the immediate wake of Lauren’s business education at Cornell and Ali’s time as a graphic designer at Equinox. I am proud to call these two ladies my friends and couldn’t be more excited to watch their business grow into the future. Enjoy the show, and check them out at www.FattySundays.com!

Episode 51 | From being fired by his mom to owning four of the top 10 franchises | Chris Lynam

Some stories are so good that they seemingly defy reality. Enter Chris Lynam.

He dropped out of school. His mom fired him from the family business. Like me, he wasn't going to become a professional basketball player.

Fast forward to 2018, and he and his wife Daisy are owners and franchisees of four of the top ten Arthur Murray Dance Studios--a brand that has been dominating dance for over 100 years.

How did dancing until 2am set off a chain reaction of success for Chris? What help did he get along the way? What's going on the NBA playoffs this year, and why do neither Chris nor I think the Rockets will win it all?

It's all here. Enjoy this episode. 

Relevant links:

https://soundcloud.com/off-the-floor-podcast (Chris's podcast Off the Floor)

http://www.arthurmurraylive.com/ (Chris's Bay Area Franchises)

https://www.quora.com/profile/Chris-Lynam-2 (Chris's writing)

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/05/briefing/isis-britain-monkeys.html (New York Times' recent celebration of Arthur Murray)

Episode 50 | Avi Estrin "The Reformed Student"

How did Avi go from dropping out of college to graduating at the top of his class? What does "The Reformed Student" mean? What tips does Avi have for students and professionals? What is it like living in New Zealand and Australia? Find out in this great episode.

I have enjoyed Avi's writing on Quora for several months now (https://www.quora.com/profile/Avi-Estrin). You should check out what he's doing--very inspirational guy!

Episode 49 | College Admissions CEO Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta has started two successful college admissions and tutoring companies: Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts. Playing a role in lives of many children around the world, Neha has a team of experts that give her business an edge in serving the needs of the brightest young minds.

I enjoyed meeting Neha and speaking with her on some of our favorite topics: college admissions, career planning, and more. See what she's doing! 

http://eliteprivatetutors.com/ https://collegeshortcuts.com/about/ https://www.facebook.com/ElitePrivateTutors/ https://www.facebook.com/collegeshortcuts/

Episode 48 | Ivy League vs. No College | Sean Corrigan

When I first approached Sean Corrigan about joining me on the podcast, I assumed we would do a phone recording. Being the traveler he is, Sean decided to fly out to Minnesota (during a snowstorm, no less) and give you this magical episode in person.

A Serial Entrepreneur, Sean never went to college. Yet, he's engaged in highly intellectual activities of many shapes and sizes. He created a Nootropic Tea called "Cerebrew," which after a couple cups made me so productive I actually completed my to-do list. He also is involved in the Solar Energy business in the Sacramento area.

Many people are thinking, "But what the heck? I thought people who didn't go to college were supposed to be stupid?" Couldn't be further from the truth. Join Sean and me for an exciting conversation in which we discuss entrepreneurship, our shared interests, success tips, and why you should read the label before trying out a new product. #Cerebrew


For a special 20% deal on Cerebrew products, enter the promo code BEN20

Episode 47 | Getting Paid to Eat, and Why You Have More Free Time Than You Think | Carly Koemptgen

She started "food blogging" in high school. Now an entrepreneur with a growing social media business at University of Iowa, Carly Koemptgen makes most A students look like underachievers.

My favorite parts from the episode: 
Carly's tips to maximize your productivity
The evolution of Carly's career, and how it applies to you
Social Media Hacks
Carly's recommended recipe (see link below)



Episode 46 | Lawyering, Personal Finance, and Life Skills | Jennifer Taylor Chan

One of Canada's leading personal finance bloggers and also an Employment Lawyer, Jennifer Taylor Chan is doing big things in Toronto. Jennifer and I met for coffee on my last consulting trip and immediately bonded over law, entrepreneurship, and writing. She also challenged me to write a book. More on that in the future. :) Check out what she's doing at:


Episode 45 | Guest Appearance on "The Mastermind Within" Podcast

I'm not the only one podcasting in Minnesota. In this episode, I'm guesting on my buddy Erik Tozier's podcast, "The Mastermind Within." Erik lives and blogs career success, personal finance, and common sense. The dude has drive, and he's one of my smartest and best friends.

He's probably going to be a millionaire before I finish law school. Although we love competing on our social media presences, I can't help but want to buy him coffee every time we get together because he's a great guy. It was a real privilege to be the first guest on his new podcast and you guys should all check it out at www.themastermindwithin.com!! 

Episode 44 | From CalTech to Stanford to Facebook: 5 Time Quora TW Jessica Su

Getting into California's best schools. CS + Machine learning. Top Writer. Genius. These are all things that come to mind when I think of Jessica Su. From wanting to go to CalTech as a five-year-old, to getting over 80,000 followers and 28 Million views on Quora, to doing a PhD at Stanford and soon full-time work at Facebook, Jessica is taking Silicon Valley by storm. 

I've been wanting to have this conversation for months now... and here it is. Some things Jessica talks about:

1. why applying college admissions is sort of like building a dating profile

2. the importance of knowing your audience

3. what it's like to work for Facebook

4. Jessica's favorite restaurant in Silicon Valley


Episode 43 | How to Avoid Leadersh*t Through Storytelling: Live from New York and San Francisco

Learn, Laugh, Lead: How to Avoid a Huge Leadershit is the industrial roll of toilet paper the professional world has been hoping for. This book will teach you communication techniques on how to better relate to people and help you become an epic speaker and storyteller. From our interviews with executives and entrepreneurs to college presidents, we give you the golden lessons of life in a short and hilarious book about leadershits.

This comedic story is a perfect read for young leaders, young business professionals, business students, and anyone looking for a couple of good shit jokes.

Stephanie Taglianetti, CalArts writer, teams up with Professor Harman, a businessman & leadership PhD student, for a unique blend of comedy and expertise. You won't wanna miss this.

Episode 41: Cutting to the Core of Career Satisfaction over Breakfast

People often say, "less is more." I don't like that. It's too vague. While recently having breakfast with a friend, I asked, "when does less become more," and this episode answers that question--and more. 

Career planning--for students and entrepreneurs, especially--is all about choices. Options. This episode serves as a great tool to get you thinking about what options and choices best serve your interests, and how to eliminate the chores.


Episode 39 | 2017 Recap & 2018 Preview

What's up guys, it's Ben Peters. Join me for an episode in which I break down 2017 at Millennial Commute and talk about the goals and awesome content on slate for 2018. 

If you don't have time to listen to the show, here's what you'll miss out on:

2018 will be dedicated to:

1. Targeted information and "DIY" episodes for high school students in various stages of the college admissions process.

2. "DIY" episodes on navigating career uncertainty including networking, career hacking, work/life balance, and more.

3. More interviews with top performers in various industries to keep the content fresh here at Millennial Commute.

I love hearing from you guys. Reach out to recommend speakers or content, and make 2018 your best year yet!

Episode 38 | Cambridge, Harvard, and Venture Capital in Asia | Chia Jeng Yang

Many people dream of going to Cambridge. Perhaps even more dream of attending Harvard. Listen to my conversation with Chia Jeng Yang who has done BOTH! I call Chia an "international polymath" because he is so smart, funny, and clever.

Chia comes to you from Singapore and currently works for Daraz/Rocket Internet, a $6 Billion venture builder. I believe Chia is the most underrated writer on Quora. See his writing on Quora here: https://www.quora.com/profile/Chia-Jeng-Yang