Episode 48 | Ivy League vs. No College | Sean Corrigan

When I first approached Sean Corrigan about joining me on the podcast, I assumed we would do a phone recording. Being the traveler he is, Sean decided to fly out to Minnesota (during a snowstorm, no less) and give you this magical episode in person.

A Serial Entrepreneur, Sean never went to college. Yet, he's engaged in highly intellectual activities of many shapes and sizes. He created a Nootropic Tea called "Cerebrew," which after a couple cups made me so productive I actually completed my to-do list. He also is involved in the Solar Energy business in the Sacramento area.

Many people are thinking, "But what the heck? I thought people who didn't go to college were supposed to be stupid?" Couldn't be further from the truth. Join Sean and me for an exciting conversation in which we discuss entrepreneurship, our shared interests, success tips, and why you should read the label before trying out a new product. #Cerebrew


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