Episode 54 | Robert Stucky: Engineering, Baseball, and Life

·         Robert's experience growing up in San Diego [1:50]

·         What Robert is up to now with his job [3:55]

·         What his experience was like playing baseball and having the opportunity to almost play at the little-league world series [5:46]

·         Other involvements in middle school and high school [8:06]

·         Leadership and volunteering experiences [10:05]

·         How the FCA and his faith helped Robert with his life journey [12:15]

·         Robert's college application list [17:41]

·         How he got involved at Baylor University [20:48]

·         Whether he knew he wanted to be a mechanical engineer; how his professional interest evolved over the last four year at Baylor [24:00]

·         Life after Baylor [27:45]

·         Moving into a tiny house [30:40]