Episode 28 | Dandan Zhu: Google, Diversity, and Getting Published

My good friend and Quora Top Writer Dandan Zhu joins me again on the podcast and discusses her recent publishing in Time, HuffPost, Forbes, Apple News, HuffPost UK, Newsweek, The Ladders, Inc, and Observer.

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Episode 27: Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss on "B.S., Inc."

B.S. Incorporated, called one of the Top 10 Business Books of 2016 by Wealth Management, in addition to receiving other praise and critical acclaim, is a must read! Authors Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss join me for an insightful conversation on their 40+ years of corporate communications experience, career advice, and having a meaningful career!

Pick up a copy and see what they do at http://www.rockandvossbooks.com/

Episode 22: Deep Thoughts with Henry Jones

I had a great conversation with my friend Henry Jones, a real estate investor and entrepreneur, regarding career development and planning, entrepreneurship, and life satisfaction. We had some very deep thoughts, and I really enjoyed today's show. Great episode for anyone curious about motivation, career planning, and general satisfaction.

Henry has a very interesting story and let's all encourage him to start a podcast of his own! 

Check out what Henry is doing at www.themastermindwithin.com! 

Episode 18: Computer Science, Quantitative Finance, and a touch of Philosophy

Join Computer Science student Kyle Loomis and me for a conversation on education, quantitative finance, management information systems, and the philosophy of technology.

A great story on college admissions, finding your fit, and leveraging supply and demand for success. Kyle's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his activities inside and outside school.

Kyle is a Computer Science and MIS double major student at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. You can reach him with questions about today's show at loomi104@umn.edu !

Episode 15: Students and Young Professionals, You Won't Want to Miss This: Author Erik Van Mechelen

What does it take to drop your incredibly successful corporate career to embark on pursuing your artistic passion? A lot of guts! Find out the true story, and why Erik Van Mechelen is one of the best and brightest young authors in Minnesota!

From Erik:

With questions you can email me directly, I'm also looking for proofreaders and artists for maps and concept art for characters, settings, different races erik.vanmechelen@gmail.com 

But if you want to casually follow what it's like to take this journey toward a first novel, the best place would be either 1) www.story.voyage OR on Medium, https://medium.com/writingnovels/