Episode 15: Students and Young Professionals, You Won't Want to Miss This: Author Erik Van Mechelen

What does it take to drop your incredibly successful corporate career to embark on pursuing your artistic passion? A lot of guts! Find out the true story, and why Erik Van Mechelen is one of the best and brightest young authors in Minnesota!

From Erik:

With questions you can email me directly, I'm also looking for proofreaders and artists for maps and concept art for characters, settings, different races erik.vanmechelen@gmail.com 

But if you want to casually follow what it's like to take this journey toward a first novel, the best place would be either 1) www.story.voyage OR on Medium, https://medium.com/writingnovels/

Episode 7: Ivy Shuttle's Leader Jack Hu on His Distance Learning School

Ivy Shuttle Director Jack Hu discusses starting a school, the future of education, and individual learning plans that he and his team at Ivy Shuttle employ to educate students from all over the world.

Mr. Hu's program provides an exceptional foundation for high school students who are particularly ambitious and want to set themselves up for college admissions and career success.

Episode 6: Education for a Life of Wealth with Professional Headhunter Dandan Zhu

On our podcast episode, my friend and Quora superstar Dandan Zhu talks about the power of career success and parlaying that into mastering real estate and financial investing. One hand feeds the other. In merely 5 years, Dandan went from being a broke waitress with no career to a real estate landlord with 5 properties, enabling her to retire from corporate life at age 28. 

Currently, Dandan is an entrepreneur and runs her career coaching business Dandan Global in NYC. Follow her at DandanGlobal.com, @DandanGlobal on Twitter, and on Quora!

Episode 5: Career Lessons from an International STEM Expert Attorney

In Episode 5, I'm joined by my fellow podcaster Rolf Claessen, an international Patent Attorney at Freischem & Partner in Cologne, Germany. Learn about Rolf's journey from a Nanotechnology start-up to Patent Attorney and what his success means for you!

In addition to podcasting at IPFridays.com, Rolf is quite proficient with social media. He has over 10k twitter followers (@rclaessen) and has one of the top attorney YouTube profiles in Germany with nearly 1,000 subscribers (Rolf Claessen).