What people are saying

You know it’s funny, but your podcast helps me stomach my own commute.
— Francesco J, Los Angeles
I L O V E this podcast! It has been a really insightful look into picking careers and schools. The title “Millennial Commute” is an excellent name, as it’s a free-flowing interview-style podcast of what it is like to grow up and make life decisions as a millennial. Though there have only been four episodes, Mr. Peters is a charismatic, interesting host that focuses on important issues today. I look forward to hearing more from Benjamin Peters.
— Ryu S, Boston
Hi, Ben. I just want to let you know that you are the best. Your answer always motivate me. Thanks for taking your time and writing such beautiful answers. Keep up the good work.
— Ayush P, Nepal
Ben’s brilliant writing about the college admissions process is something that helped me very much to understand critical parts of the process in an incredibly easy to read way. Through his writing, he shows that he is incredibly knowledgeable and imparts his knowledge in a special way. He is definitely one of my favorite writers.
— Ashwin B, Nashville
I just wanted to let you know that I support your mission to mentor people towards their goals. I can relate to that. You are doing us Minnesotans proud.

It is a really difficult time for Millennials. We are in debt in an unprecedented way, we have so many “options”, and our expectations of ourselves is through the roof. Surely, this is not news to you.
— Chris O, Minnesota